Monday, September 17, 2012

First Craft Show Under the Belt

This last weekend was the first craft show for us this season and we have been working hard to get ready for it .
First thing Saturday morning we are trying to set up and open our little tent shop in the rain , so naturally we three got soaked . We managed to keep most of the merchandise dry , But we were soggy and cold all day .
It preceded to rain all day Saturday , so the sales were pretty much a wash out . Sunday dawned with cloudy skies but it wasn’t raining so the crowds came out to shop .
It ended up being a good show for us ! Just think what it could have been with two days of no rain . But you know what ? We really needed the rain , so I will be happy with one good day !
Here are some pictures of our booth…
That’s my sister Pam peeking out through the wire.


Pam and Billie taking a break.
There is almost 3 weeks till the next one so we have some time to make some restock. Maybe I’ll get someone to take a picture of me the next time .
Have a great week !


  1. I am dreaming about do a booth someday, hopefully next spring. It looks like so much fun. I am happy that you had one day without rain and that you did well. Wising you a wonderful season of marketing. Connie :)

  2. Here's hoping that the next show is nothing but sunny skies & you make a bundle!

  3. Thought about you on Sat. when it was pouring. I know it must have been a bummer but glad Sun. was so nice. Wanted to come but again, life prevented it. Are you going to Fair Grove? Jan

  4. Hi, I'm back and with a question about the word verification? Please tell me how to disconnect it. I tried on my other blog, but I don't think it took. I'm always open to suggestions and help. Connie :)