Thursday, September 8, 2011

What Do I Do With this ?

I have had this item for years now, It’s been in my closet sitting in the corner.

It was given to us by a neighbor cause he knew I liked antiques . I think it came from a train , It was a shelf to hold shoes or clothes or something like that in a sleeping compartment . That’s what I was told , if you know different let me know.

You can double click on these pictures to get a closer look .


Anyway , I think it is cool and I would like to use it somewhere…


It has holes on it to mount it on the wall.


I was thinking it might look nice in a bathroom holding towels .

It is brass and copper , which is neat but doesn’t go with anything I have.

Would you paint it ?


It’s almost 30 inches long and 13 inches deep.


If you look close you can see the initials NSW in the side scroll work.


So tell me . What would you do with it ?

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  1. Sharon,
    I see this little number hanging someplace holding a housecoat, with flowers, lace, and greenery inter twined into the mesh. Love the original color,, but it would take a lot of work to clean. Also, not sure if it would qualify as cottage.
    Looking foreward to seeing the after.

  2. Well, it's a great piece. I think it would be really cool mounted in a kitchen as a shelf. You could also add S hooks, and hang small pots from the bottom.

  3. As a copper collector I would love that piece. I think it would be great as is, but depending on what you want to do with it, painted would be nice too. I can see it in the bath holding all sorts of great things, Char

  4. I think it looks great as it is, but then I've got a lot of as-is old stuff that it would fit in with. A coat of paint to make it match your things would not be sin. You like it, might as well enjoy it. I see this mounted to an old door, or window frame? Would be cute just about anywhere. Hugs!

  5. I'm thinking shelf, but then again, I know how creative you are, so you I'm sure you'll come up with something even better!

  6. I love it! I'm not sure how I would use it. But it is gorgeous! :)

    Come by and say Hi! I'm having a giveaway.:)


  7. Oh I love it! Bathroom holding towels is a great idea. Kitchen holding jars - mudroom holding baskets for a catch all - labeled wooden boxes - cookbooks - your possbilities are endless. Start w/ where you have enough wall space and then figure out what would be helpful to store there. HAve fun!

  8. Don't paint it! 1/ Use it on your porch.
    2/The colors are perfect for an inside autumn display which you mount at the end of a long hallway to bring your eye up.

  9. I love it and I think it would look wonderful in a bathroom with towels, or in the hallway with small vintage suitcases making it look like an old fashioned train rack. I am sure you will figure it out and it will look lovely in its new home.